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    Voice and Accent Training for effective interection 

Voice and Accent Training

Course Objectives

Nowadays, Voice and Accent are tested at Job Interviews, as this is an important criteria during candidate selection. Here the interviewer checks if the interviewee is speaking the native English or the non-native English. If the interviewer finds that the interviewee is trying to fake or mask the pronunciation of the English words, then the interviewee will invariably fail in the Voice and Accent test.

The reason behind Voice and Accent testing is to assess whether a candidate is able to communicate effectively to all the company clients and customers. Even if a person may have years of professional experience and expertise, it will be of no benefit if he/she is unable to interact with clients or customers in the expected way. In such cases, business deals will can be lost, resulting in the company entailing heavy financial loss in the business.

So, it is imperative to undergo a Voice and Accent training. We at Empower English Academy train the students to dramatically improve both their Voice and Accent through our programme such as Speech Organs of Articulation like Tongue, Teeth, Jaw, Lips and Palette, Slow Down, Move the Mouth, Speak Louder along with tongue twisters. There are lots of Drill Exercises and Speeches of famous Leaders such as Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King, Steeve Jobs, Shakespeare and many others.

We at Empower English Academy have a well built programme to help students to master Voice and Accent confidently.

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