The training techniques are professional, interesting and useful. Faculties are skilled, co-operative and friendly. Individual attention is given to every student. Not only do Teachers improve grammatical errors while speaking, but also look after students in the field of Personality, Body Language, as well as Tone. They teach students to speak confidently with correct pronunciation.

Jyoti Mishra
Professor (P.G.T) (Chemistry) (Madhya Pradesh)

It was my dream to speak fluent English in my life, but I was afraid and couldn't express my ideas and views in front of people. Then I decided to join Empower English Academy. Here I have been given full attention. Initially my grammar was taken care of. Thereafter was I guided make presentations and participate in Group Discussion and Role-plays. It has really improved my speaking skills and increased my confidence. Now I can express myself effectively.

Madhuri Baban Patil
Jaweri Thanawala Deaf School (Teacher), Mumbai

Before joining “Empower English Academy” I used to make a lot of grammatical mistakes and had many problems in speaking English. Most of the time, I used to feel embarrassed when I couldn’t speak English well. Now, I can see a great improvement in myself and I am able to communicate with various people, especially at Airport, very confidently in English. I will never forget what I have learnt here, because it was taught in such a way that it has left an impression in me. Teaching faculties are very supportive and co-operative. Their training methodologies are excellent and they treat students like their own children.

Retheesh Kumar
Sr. Executive, (Mumbai International Airport)

Before Joining “Empower English Academy” in the Advanced English Speaking Course, I was at a situation where I did not know what to do and how to make my clients happy. After completing the course at Empower English Academy, I am able to communicate with my local as well as my foreign clients effectively with the overall control. It is a palace where we are not only taught grammar but also shown a dream picture where we would love to see ourselves. I’m deeply grateful to Empower English Academy. Hats off to Empower English Academy.

Shantanu P Kshirsagar
MD Swaraj InfoTech (Mumbai)

Empower English Academy is one of the best English Speaking Institutes in the world, which goes without saying. This is the first Academy where teachers really come down to the level of the students and teach them in a most friendly manner. The Trainers are committed and motivated. Before joining Empower English Academy, I had been to 7 different academies in Mumbai without much improvement; but after joining EEA, I have improved my Grammar, Personality, Presentation and Speaking skills. I’m gratefully thankful to Empower English Academy.

Prakash Sinha
Area Manager Land Mark Group (Dubai)

Empower English Academy has really empowered me to become an effective communicator. Whenever I am in one-to-one discussion with my friends, colleagues, managers, or giving presentations in front of a number of people, I just remember Empower English Academy’s instructions. Classes at EEA are truly instrumental in the teaching techniques, which includes Presentations, Group Discussions, Grammar Sessions and Voice and Accent. The most important thing is the trainers Personal Feedback about the mistakes done by students and how to correct those mistakes. That has really helped me to get the required skills.

Anchal Srivastava
AVP – IT Credit Suisse (Mumbai)

I enjoyed studying with Empower English Academy. Everybody is very helpful. I have really improved my Spoken English and Pronunciation. I am a confident person now. I feel Empower English Academy is the best place to learn English on this planet. I am very thankful to all my teachers. Not only has my vocabulary improved significantly, but my ability to understand English is much better now.

I am glad to inform you that I have been promoted as an Operation Manager at TENON FACILITY MANAGEMENT INDIA PVT. LTD. I would like to convey my regards to Empower English Academy for helping me to get this opportunity. After joining this academy I gained confidence in myself to interact with people. I don’t have the nervousness that I faced earlier. The trainers are very friendly and co-operative. This academy has not only developed my communication skills, but also showed me the bright path for my career growth, especially the group discussions. Public speaking has really helped me a lot to develop my personality. It was an awesome journey of my life with Empower English Academy. I am gratefully thankful to everyone of this academy for being part of my success.

Tushar Nayak

My English has improved a lot in these last few months since I began the Advance English Program. My vocabulary has increased. Studying English has helped me in my reading as well. My over all personality has improved. Empower is the best Institute to develop oneself. I have seen how students have developed in my batch.

Ravi Shukla

I really appreciate the efforts of the Trainers. They all are so dedicated and devoted towards their job. Empower will be one of the greatest organization as they keep up to the promise with the participants.

Dnyaneshwar Bhor

My experience is very good with this academy. Trainers are very good and they have very good command in English. They teach in a simplified manner that students are able to understand. I feel it’s an English teaching institute that is really good for all.

Jagriti Gupta

Empower English Academy has really helped me to improve my confidence and communication skills. Earlier when I used to speak in English, I always could not continue with an ongoing conversation. However, after attending some lectures I feel confident enough to express myself in front of others in a very professional manner. I have learned a lot of new vocabulary and I feel I’m improving day by day. The trainers are very helpful, friendly and they pay individually attention to each and every student. So, overall, I say it’s been a very good experience so far, and I suggest that anyone who desperately wants to enhance their communication skills should join Empower English Academy.

Hadees Khan

When I joined this Academy, I really did not know even a single word of English. Now, wherever I go, people ask me, how I manage to speak English so beautifully. This has all happened just because of Empower English Academy.

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