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Advanced Trainer

The advanced Trainer should have the capability to train the students in the following aspects

Have a thorough knowledge of the British Native Language, Basic and Advanced English Grammar, well versed with Vocabulary, Verbs, Forms of Verbs, thorough knowledge of Tenses, Question Tags, Active and Passive Voice, Transitive and Intransitive Verbs, Noun Number, Noun Gender, Comparisons, Direct and Indirect Speech, Homophones, Homonyms, Usage of Special Words, Reading and Comprehension, Letter Writing, Email Drafting, the ability to Develop English Fluency for the students, Develop Presentation Skills, Role Plays, Skits, be able to direct students how to have a Command in English Communication, to impact training for Powerful Public Speaking, guide students for Interview Skills, Skills of Email Drafting, Business English, teach students to Develop Confidence and Effective Communication and be able to solve all students queries and doubts.

Basic Trainer

The Basic Trainer should have the capability to train the students in the following aspects:

Ability to train the students in the Foundations of English, be capable to teach Basic Grammar in various topics: Vocabulary, Usage of Vowels, Sentences Types, Subject, Predicate and Object, and the various types, Word Spelling and Dictation, Conjugation of Verbs, Punctuation, Parts of Speech, Comparisons, Tenses, Noun Number, Noun Gender, Simple Active and Passive Voice, Verbs forms, Auxiliary Verbs, Tenses, etc.

Personality Development Trainer

Should have the ability to improve one’s personality in the following Skills:

Develop the ability to express effectively, Develop Personality, Communication, Public Speaking, Motivation, Interview skills, overcome Stage Fright, Overcome Stage Fright, Public Speaking, Articulation and Voice Modulation, Leadership Skills, Group Discussions and Debates, Role Play, Audio - Video Training, Overall Body Language and Communication Skills Improvement, Personality Development, Impromptu Speeches, Email Drafting, Voice Culture and Speaking Skills, Presentation Skills, Voice and Accent Training, Effective Tone of Voice, Mastery in Interviews, Corporate English.

Corporate Trainers

Who can become a Corporate Trainer at Empower English Academy. He/She has to have the flexibility of travelling across India. A corporate Trainer should ensure that the business objectives of the region are allocated. He should have some of the following qualities of a Corporate Trainer:
A deep knowledge of the Business, ability to Measure and Assess Staff Training Needs, strong Communication and Interpersonal skills, a Passion for Continuous Learning, innovative Thinking and Efficiency and Efficiency.


Should have excellent verbal communication skills, should have active listening and great customer service skills also are a must. Should be able to make a good first impression to candidates. Should have a professional appearance and attitude. Should be ready to assist other administrative work with general work overflow. Should have the ability to receive enquiries and contacting prospective candidates, should have good personality, friendly, good etiquette, good convincing power, able to monitor office routines adeptly, ability to work on Outlook Express will be an added quality as office routines are streamlined.

Counsellor has to have multiple responsibilities. These could include handling incoming calls, should be adept at managing multiple tasks without getting flustered.

Counsellor should show a knack and enthusiasm for organization and find files and phone numbers at a moment’s notice and maintain a tidy work area. Should be able to assess organizational skills using Outlook Express especially in setting up calendars and contacts.

Should have a practical knowledge of computer in handling files and MS Office such as Word processing skills and familiarity with Excel

Counsellor has to have the Ability to ascertain at a glance the following details of each student:

  • The number of Student Enquiries
  • The number of students joined for a certain period
  • The amounts paid by each student
  • The balance to be paid by each student
  • The total paid by each student.
  • Senior Counsellor

    Should have skills such as Counselling, Admissions of students, Academics, Administration and Psychology. He/She should be able to do Tele-counseling, a good Converter, able to convert Inquiries into Admissions, should be responsible for generating Walkins, Admission Counselling, Student Counselling, getting the registrations done and looking after the foot-fall (taking into account of the number of students who walk in for enquiry).

    Senior Counsellor has to have the Ability to ascertain at a glance the following details of each student:

  • The number of Student Enquiries
  • The number of students joined for a certain period
  • The amounts paid by each student
  • The balance to be paid by each student
  • The total paid by each student.
  • Centre Head

    Should have the ability to write communication and promotional literature for distribution such as newsletter, brochures or flyers and coordinates printing and distribution, should be able to supervise the activities of subordinates, be able to prepare reports and monitors budget for the Center and research, executive or student education projects, provide assistance and information to faculty and staff.

    Branch Manager

    He/She should be eligible to manage all the works incorporated in order that the organization functions well and the smooth running of the same. The Authority should have every right to question him/her if the same isn’t provided on time with the met deadlines. This stands rule till immediate intimations are given as per the conditions of the changes at the proper time. The proper guidance towards particular works should be co-ordinated with the following of system functions.

    Assistant Manager

    Should have the ability to understand and cooperate with timely information from the Authority. He/She should have good communication skill and managing skills to perform as per the orders by his seniors. He/She should be able to co-ordinated with the coporate clients and maintain cordial relationship with an instant response. Further things are explained during interview.

    Vice President

    Should have the eligibility to withstand the targets and overall functions of the organization. He/She should be able to understand the organization setup and lay agenda. The Authority has every right to hold him/her responsible for any changes to be given therein.

    Tele Caller

    Should have the ability to speak fluently in English and should be target oriented and able to perform as per limited deadlines set by the organization. He/She should be comfortable for the adjustments to be made for the changes in the rules and system as decided by the organization. He/She should be willing to work with flexibility in the timings of the management.

    Office Co-ordinator/Peon

    Should have knowledge of all the outside as well as inside works i.e. banking, filling cheques, running of any errands etc. He should have sound knowledge of the places around and in Mumbai.


    Should have the ability to manage the accounts department and handle the petty cash and general expenses. He/She should be conversant with the various register and account sheets of inward and outward. The cash management and transfers should also be handled professionally.

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