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The ‘Voice Culture & Speaking Skills’ Programme covers all the aspects of Voice and Speech improvement. Techniques are offered to individual participants that help them utilize the maximum potential of their Voice & Communication Skills. Voice Culture is especially suitable to the requirements of senior professionals such as Teachers of any institution, Advocates, Doctors, Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountants, as well as senior Executives from the Corporate Sector. Our programme focuses on voice modulation, overcoming common speaking defects, breath control and exercises for the Pitch, Tone and Level of Voice. Special training is given to the participants for dividing each word into syllables and by the art of phonetics to join the syllables correctly to produce the exact pronunciation as spoken by native English language speakers. We leave no stone unturned. Empower English Academy adheres to the highest standards.

Although it is a human habit to speak all the time, a person does not pay much attention as to how the voice is formed and how the words are created. It is only after learning the process that one can work towards the improvement and development of voice and speech. The breath, the vocal chords, the cavities in the mouth and nose and the vibrating muscles and the other speech organs such as the upper palate, tongue, cheeks, teeth and lips, all help to contribute in making a person’s voice rich and attractive. Voice Culture involves making the speech organs flexible and graceful. These in turn enable a person to speak with the highest quality of speech as this is what we aim at.

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Our Voice Culture training program focuses on voice modulation, better breath control, correct tone and the resulting flawless pronunciation of each and every word. This helps the participants to become an effective communicator.

Voice Culture enrichens the quality of a person’s voice and speech. In fact, voice culture training empowers you with the most sought after quality of leaders. Voice Culture is the ability to produce a desired or intended result.

Voice Culture enables us to hear our own voice as never before. This training process helps us gauge a person’s voice and speech. The training discusses ways to improve and triggers individuals on a path of continuous learning and development in voice, language and speech. As you know failure and continuous repetition is the path to success.

In the modern era, where verbal communications are occupying the centre stage, anyone who desires to enhance his/her personality and progress in life, needs to attend the Voice Culture training program conducted by Empower English Academy.

Empower English Academy’s training is impeccable, streamlined and flawless.

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